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    Walt Disney World May 2018 – Advanced Dining Reservations

    GUYS! Today it’s 180 days until our trip to Walt Disney World. This is the longest time we’ll have gone without a trip since 2015, a whole 19 months! And although I’ve enjoyed our many trips to Disneyland Paris, my heart is in Walt Disney World and it has been since I was 9 years old. This is my 8th trip ever and LB’s 5th trip and we are both so excited. I booked this trip back at the beginning of May so we’re now over half way through out countdown and with 6 months to go I can book our Advanced Dining Reservations, or ADRs.

    In another post I’ll go through all the other details because today’s post is purely about food and what I’ve booked this time around.

    Unlike last year where we had 14 days worth of Disney Dining Plan (or DDP) credits, we only have 7. This is because we’re only staying onsite for 9 days but only 7 days are part of the package. It also worked out cheaper to stay in a cheaper hotel and upgrade to the standard dining than stay in an expensive hotel and get the free dining plan offered. To get the standard dining plan free we would have had to stay in Deluxe Villas or Resort and as a single mum that was out of my price range. Even staying in a moderate hotel and upgrading from quick service was another £500. It takes a lot of juggling to get what you want, but after 5 trips I’m definitely understanding what’s most important and that’s the dining plan that INCLUDES character dining and you’ll see why in a minute!

    Although we have only 7 table service credits, the plan is to pay out of pocket for a few meals. Yay for it being my 30th!

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