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    Entertainment – Finding Nemo the Musical at Animal Kingdom

    On our most recent trip last October Little Miss fell in love with Animal Kingdom. In the past it’s been her least favourite park and so far we’ve only managed one whole day and two halves as after she saw Mickey & Minnie and rode Kilimanjaro Safari she seemed to care about little else there. This trip we spent a day and a half there as she enjoyed our first day so much. It ended up working out perfectly as it meant we could see both The Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo the Musical where in the past we’ve had to do one or the other to squash everything in. This was technically LM’s first time seeing the show as during our trip in April 2015 she slept through it as we went during nap time (she was just three so the heat got to her) and as she was sleeping on my lap I didn’t get the chance to photograph it. This time I did. We didn’t have a FP but we were there early enough that we got a seat in the front row at stage right which was perfect with LM as many of the puppeteers came right to the edge of the stage to wave to her.

    I’ll be the first to put my hands up and say I think Finding Nemo is an overrated film and LM isn’t a fan but I do adore the musical. I think it’s the songs that make it for me. The story itself also affects me much more watching in Animal Kingdom. I’m a single mother and the idea of ever losing LM just destroys me and having here there with me being completely wrapped up in the atmosphere of the theatre definitely had me in floods of tears. There is just something truly magical about live theatre and despite only being 30 minutes long, Finding Nemo the Musical is no exception.

    So here are some of my favourite shots, I hope it convinces you to make time in your busy Disney’s Animal Kingdom day to go watch it.

    Finding Nemo the Musical Animal Kingdom Oct 2016 2

    Finding Nemo the Musical Animal Kingdom Oct 2016 5

    Finding Nemo the Musical Animal Kingdom Oct 2016 6

    Finding Nemo the Musical Animal Kingdom Oct 2016 8

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