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About Us

Livvy Bird Adventures started exclusively as an Instagram account I used to share photos of our very first trip to Walt Disney World in April 2015. It evolved into an account where I could share my daughter’s life in general along with photos from Disney adventures. While the algorithm for Instagram was still good, I grew the account to almost 15k. Through it I made many friends, something so important for LB and I as we travel alone.

Along with it I have been blogging at Cocktails in Teacups since September 2012, it’s a lifestyle blog so of course it featured Disney but I felt those posts got lost among the many parenting, life, travel and food content I also shared. So during some down time at work I created this blog, Livvy Bird Adventures, to share all things Disney. Park reviews, cosplay, wish lists, product reviews and even Livvy Bird’s Disney style. Disney is such a huge part of our life I truly hope I never run out of content!

In total together we have visited Walt Disney World four times in the space of two years, once we even stayed for four weeks, however, this year we’re taking a year off (because mummy wasn’t smart enough to book a trip in advance last year) but we’re back for 3 weeks in May 2018. We’ve stayed at All Star Music, All Star Movies, Port Orleans Riverside, Port Orleans French Quarter and Old Key West. Because we’re taking a year off from our Florida holidays we’ve instead been visiting Disneyland Paris every few months. We’re Annual Pass Holders and it’s been fantastic celebrating the 25th Anniversary year. We tend to stay offsite because all the hotels have free shuttles or are within walking distance. In total we’ve visited six times, three times in 2017 alone. We’ve stayed at Newport Bay, Hotel Cheyenne and Santa Fe onsite and Kyriad and Hipark offsite. We have two more trips booked this year.

My dad is 100% responsible for my love for Disney. For my first Christmas he bought me a Mickey Mouse plush (that I still have 28 years later) that I loved dearly. From then on every Christmas my sister and I would receive a bumper load of Disney goodies from castles, to dolls, plushes, VHS.. He was as bad as we were. The first movie we saw in the cinema was a re-release of Peter Pan, I still remember walking out the cinema at about 5 and my dad doing his Captain Hook impression (one he still does for my daughter on a regular basis). In 1997 he finally made our dreams come true by taking us to Walt Disney World for a “once in a lifetime holiday” one we repeated in 2000 & 2002. Our family was so Disney for 5 year we held annual “Disney Days” to celebrate our first visit to WDW where we would eat food that reminded us of our trips, watch the holiday videos, have Disney dance parties and dressed in all Disney clothes. It was a magical childhood. I even went on a school trip to Disneyland Paris!

My love for Disney never ever wavered. It’s one of the things I bonded with my best friend Bee over when I was 16 and the first outfit I bought for Livvy Bird when I was pregnant was a neutral Lion King set from The Disney Store. She had a Bambi themed nursery and like my dad, I started to introduce her early, and thankfully she loves it as much as I do.

These days my house is spattered of Disney but a lot of our love comes from the things I like to do with Livvy Bird. Our trips, the stuff I buy for her and our Saturday movie nights. I probably dress more Disney these days because I don’t really care what people think. I collect Disney art, Jim Shore Traditions and a few Funko Pops. But Disney truly is a way of life for us. We even have a blue point rag doll cat called Elsa, and yes she’s named after the Queen (although LB wanted to call her Rapunzel!)

Aside from Disney I love Harry Potter, Star Wars and most other fantastical worlds. I like cold coffee and iced tea. Travelling especially to the USA and not just for Disney. Cheese, cheesecake, mac & cheese and pizza are my favourite foods but if I’m not too broke I’ll treat myself to some macarons. I have little to no social life as I’m constantly saving for our next trip. For a living I’m a self employed writer and of course, a single mother. Not that I consider it a job but it’s definitely what I spend most of my time doing!

About Livvy  Bird
You know that quote “though she be but little she is fierce“? That 100% applies to LB. She’s now 5 years old and I have raised her alone since she was 4 months old. She’s smart, polite and incredibly curious. She loves to read and write, but especially loves to be creative be that putting on a show, making up a song or sticking and gluing. When she grows up she wants to dance on the castle stage. She LOVES anything fluffy and wants to have all the cats and all the mice live together in our house. She’s one farm visit from being a vegetarian and if it comes to that I’ll fully support her.

What you need to know about Livvy Bird is that she’s in love with Peter Pan, and has been since that very first hug back in April 2015. Although she’d seen the movie (as it’s my favourite) she was more about the princesses but as soon as she met him she fell in love. That trip Livvy Bird was born. She was gifted a Wendy dress and would sit and wait for him in a space beside his meet spot we called “the Livvy House” she’d hug him for ages and tell him stories and occasionally try and kiss him. I am truly blessed that Peter loved her back and with every trip her love has grown. She now has a Peter Pan bedroom and four Wendy dresses. And although she likes to dress as Wendy and be just like her, she loves her too and even has space in her heart for Tink.

She’s a little thrill seeker, although her first love as far as rides at the parks are concerned was It’s a Small World, she loves a roller coaster and Star Tours. She loves meeting princesses and she rotates her favourite but she especially loves getting a hug off a prince!

Aside from Disney, Livvy Bird loves Pokemon, My Little Pony, Miraculous Ladybug and Star Wars. She’s also really into 90s Disney cartoons such as Duck Tales, Goof Troop and the Gummi Bears. She loves to cosplay while at the parks, actually she loves any excuse to dress up and she’s getting more into the small details that make an outfit. She loves going on adventures, playing outdoors and going to the beach which we’re lucky enough to have right on our doorstep.

I hope we can continue to live this magical life for as long as possible. I feel truly blessed.